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Dear potential partner of NCF,


Study Association Nobis Cura Futuri is the official study association of Campus Fryslân of the University of Groningen and located in Leeuwarden. NCF is mostly comprised of students of the Bsc study of “Global Responsibility and Leadership”. This is a comprehensive study programme which takes a deep dive into a diversity of topics such as politics, psychology, economics, global health, earth systems and data science. This Bsc is a top rated programme by the “Keuzegids Universities”.

NCF consists of an interdisciplinary trained group of international motivated students whom all live in- or around Leeuwarden for the biggest part of their studies. Nevertheless, a global network is present since the students derive from all over the globe and students often spend a semester abroad in their third year.

As of March 2021 NCF has 90 members and counting with 11 official committees, 1 committee in their trial period and 1 yearbook team. All NCF bodies are dedicated towards organizing both social and academic events. These activities are ranging from beer tastings to thesis writing workshops or professional guest speakers.

We strive for being a professional and social student organisation in Leeuwarden, in close contact with Groningen, as the centre of the Campus Fryslân University community.

There is a lot of potential in the unique situation of NCF with a wide variability of interests and specializations of our students. We have different channels throughout which we can communicate and market partnership means towards a large group of intellectual and creative students in Leeuwarden. Partnerships can concern specific events, general sponsorship or promotional purposes. NCF is able to print company logos on several types of merchandise, promote internship opportunities or provide a place on our website or social media.

More information on potential partnerships are always available upon request. We are open for discussing all kinds of possibilities for collaboration. Matters concerning external institutions may all be addressed towards the External Affairs Officer:


Kind regards,


Jorian Moree
External Affairs Officer

Nobis Cura Futuri
Wirdumerdijk 34, 8911 CE, Leeuwarden