Chair - Joel Gräff

I am Joel, 22 years old and will be performing as the Chairperson of the Board of Nobis Cura Futuri. I have grown up, lived and worked in the UK, South Africa and Germany and have been privileged enough to make my way to the Netherlands, despite the “occasional” discouraging weather. In my past, I have been highly engaged with global company, international research projects and multiple NGOs as a Technical Product Designer, Project Assistant and PR Relationship Officer which plays on my strengths as an outgoing, radiant and driven character. After an exciting year of becoming a member, working in amazing project groups, setting up committees, being an introduction parent to our new bachelor’s cohort and enjoying our events, I believe that we will make an excellent team to guide NCF through our first post-COVID regulations year. Now as a second-year of our faculty’s liberal arts and sciences programme Global Responsibility and Leadership, I hope to carry on the mission of growing this organisation to be there to support the students of Campus Fryslân in all their endeavours. If you have any questions for me please don’t hesitate to contact:

Secretary/Vice chair - Julia gorny

Hello everyone and dear members! This is me, Julia, the secretary of NCF 2021/22. I am 19 years old and I grew up in Essen, Germany. Currently, I am in my second year of the Global Responsibility and Leadership programme. As the secretary of NCF I am in charge of the whole non-financial administration and organisation of our association. Meaning that I am in charge of keeping an overview of events, sending out invitations, managing the google calendar and in general the whole google suite and email, while also trying to improve our website. Or summarizing, I try my best to maintain a smooth running of the Board and association by keeping an overview and always being approachable for general questions. One of my key values is communication and transparency, which I also want to hold up as a board member of NCF. So please, never hesitate to contact me ( or book an office hour in case of any questions or worries. I love to be active and involved, which is why I am, for example, also part of the Arts Committee of NCF. I enjoy organizing events, especially when they have to do with creativity. In my free time, I love to spend time with my friends, playing games, having movie nights or guitar and singing sessions together, or going to the choir. I also love to read or just take long walks and bike tours around Leeuwarden and the countryside of Fryslân enjoying nature.

treasurer - joris rommerts

Hi, I am Joris Rommerts! As the treasurer of NCF I am responsible of keeping the books. Besides, as NCF is still incredibly young, I am also busy setting up a framework of internal financial policies, always keeping our long term view in sight. As an advocate of the devil, I ought to always include a fresh view in any conversation. I do my very best to be accessible to everyone. So please approach me with any comment, question, suggestion or anything else you might have, then I’ll do the same!

internal affairs - evy de joode

Hiya! My name is Evy de Joode and I am currently a second-year bachelor student from Global Responsibility and Leadership. As the Internal Affairs Officer of Nobis Cura Futuri, I am always busy with anything that happens with, around, and about our committees and individual members. That is probably also why I love this position so much. One of the main reasons why is that I get to meet students from across campus and that I have the chance to properly get to know them by working together on creating a beautiful NCF community. I like being able to help out where necessary and I am grateful to be the person anyone can reach out to when they have questions about their committees. I am excited to see what the future holds and looking forward to years of great student life created by and for the students of our campus. You can always reach out to me with any questions or announcements regarding NCF committee(s), this includes wanting to start up a new committee, hosting an event, etc. You can also always contact me if you encounter any troubles within or with your committee. If you want to reach out, please do so by sending me an email or booking an appointment with me during my office hours.

external affairs - jorian moree

Hey peeps! I am Jorian Moree, 20 years old from the Netherlands, and currently the external affairs officer for 2020-2021 at our beautiful Study Association Nobis Cura Futuri. My hobbies are playing football and being with friends. Next to that, I also work in a restaurant in Leeuwarden, and I believe I can use the experience I got there and in other restaurants to my benefit as external affairs officer, to get in touch with Leeuwarden and put the SA on the map here and throughout the Netherlands. This is also my ambition to achieve this year, putting the association on the map and make a nice group of new partnerships in the most sustainable manner possible!

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