Supporting bodies

Advisory council

The Advisory Council can be requested for advice by the Board of NCF in order to have input on decision making processes. This consultation does not happen on a regular basis and advice is not binding for the NCF Board to act upon. Ergo the Advisory council has no decision making authority. The Advisory Council is consistent with former board members of NCF and might have external partners that work closely with NCF. After the board year, each member is asked whether they would like to join the advisory council or not. As the maximum number of advisors is limited to nine, outgoing board members have priority. 

Audit committee

The Audit Committee has been established in accordance with the NCF Statutes. It is made up of at least two members, who are not in the NCF Board, and has to be approved by the General Assembly. It is responsible for observing the efforts of the NCF Treasurer, in regard to the financial overview of the Study Association. Therefore, it regularly meets with the NCF Treasurer to discuss any relevant developments. During the General Assembly, it presents an annual report on the finances of the Association, as well as any concerns it may have.