Groene Ster picnic

Together with other NCF committees, the Language and Culture committee plans to organize an event for all NCF members on June 10th, 2023, at Groene Ster. This event would start around 2pm. The plan is to have a Cultural Picnic, where the members of our committee will prepare national food from our cultures, in order to promote different cultures, spend more time outside altogether, and de-stress after the long exam and finals weeks. For the picnic, we will ask everyone to bring their own food, cutlery, blankets, and entertainment, as our food will be provided as a snack and not the main dishes for everyone.
The Mind-Sharing Committee will prepare the questions for during the picnic, thanks to which we can be given conversation prompts for talking with other members of our community about the year ahead. These will be focused on summer, next academic year, our minors, Masters, plans for the future, or the favorite past experiences.

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