General information

What is a committee?

A committee is a subgroup within the study association run by members for the members with the aim of representing a specific field of interest to the association, as well as for the wider world. Every committee is supposed to organise at least one event that is open to all NCF members per semester.

How is a committee structured?

A committee consists of at least 3 members of NCF whom form the board of this committee. Such a board consists of a chair, a secretary and a treasurer. The rest of the committee members are called general members.

How much time does a committee take?

Being part of a committee usually takes up around 2-3 hours a week. This includes 1-2 per week for a meeting and it is likely that you are assigned some tasks for that week during such meetings. However, this is only an estimation and it can vary on a weekly basis and differs per committee. You should not have to worry about not having enough time to join a committee, we are very understanding if you’re busy every once in a while, we are students after all.

Why would I join a committee?

Doing committee work will benefit you in terms of skills and experience. Think about organisation, finances, communication, teamwork, promotion etc. This is why a committee looks great on your CV! Besides, you will be part of a big group of friends throughout the year, spending a lot of time together during events and meetings.

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