About NCF

What is NCF?

NCF, short for Nobis Cura Futuri, is Campus Fryslân’s study association and translates to ‘The care of the future is ours’. NCF has been found in 2020 and is open to all students at Campus Fryslân. As with every study association, our aim is to create a vibrant student community in and around Campus Fryslân by organizing social, professional and academic events on a ‘from the students for the students’ basis. Thus, every member of NCF is welcome to bring their ideas to the table and create events as well as participate in any of the events organized by other members.


As the name NCF already entails, our values are focused on sustainability, responsibility and diversity which we aim to incorporate in our events. Thus, if you are interested in guest lectures, stimulating debates and art projects or want to benefit from our professional relations within and around Leeuwarden, we would be happy to welcome you as a new member. 

Why become an NCF member?

As a member of NCF you can participate in the events organised by other members and committees, for free or at a good discount rate or join a committee yourself  to work together with like-minded people on creative projects. But you can also organize events yourself or set up a new committee by relying on the support and financial compensation of NCF. For inspiration, you can check out our current committees on this website and check our instagram account. In addition, we strive to provide you with discounts for e.g. study books in the future as well as a network for your professional and academic (for further information see our external partners). However, most importantly, NCF is a platform for you to get in touch with other students at Campus Fryslân and enjoy your student life to the fullest.

How do I become a member?

If you want to profit from all the events, connections and discounts NCF provides you can sign up here.

The price for one semester is €8,50 (for all cohorts graduating in 2023 or 2024). For new members from the cohorts graduating in 2025 or later and all master’s programmes, the price for one semester is €12,50. You can also choose to pay for three years in advance which gives you a discount and only pay €65,00.

Cohort 2023 and 2024:

Period Membership Fee
1 semester €8.50
3 years €45.00

Cohort 2025 and later:

Period Membership Fee
1 semester €12.50
3 years €65.00