NCF committees

Arts Committee:

The Arts Committee is a space full of creativity. We organise creative activities such as workshops or an open mic night. We have a lot of fun events planned where you can unleash your creativity! We paint, draw, craft, sing and so much more. The current board of the committee consists of Chairperson Bente-Kato Braaksma, Treasurer Leila Belkhiria, PR representative Carmen de Winter and Secretary Yasmin Madsen.


Travel Committee:

We will be an organisation that books and manages trips for Campus Fryslan students, for instance our annual Ski Trip. We try to keep the trips as cheap as possible but still sustainable. We will not offer flights, for instance, only bus and train trips. We also make sure all our trips are CO2 Neutral, either through the agency we book at or we do it ourselves. In that case, we would ask members to pay a little bit more or we pay it from the financial reserve that we build up. We will manage the administration of every trip and will do the checkin-in at the destination, so we will be the contact person between the travel agency/accommodation and our students.

Name Chair: Tanisia Flores van Onlangs
Name Secretary: Hanna Lijzenga
Name Treasurer: Julia Jaarsma
Name PR-responsible: Marre Linthorst


Events Committee:

Together we hope to have social gatherings and parties to keep the sense of community in NCF!!

The board currently contains the following people: Chair – Jasmine Hufferd, Treasurer – Roel van Klaveren, and Secretary – Alessio Peralta. The following are general members: Linde Lokin, Livia Westgeest , Wybe van Geest , Lilly Sodemann, and Timotej Kopča.


First years/intro week committee:

As a member of this committee, you will be helping the first-years feel welcome at NCF and be helping to organise the introduction week of the first-year students.


Mind-Sharing Committee:

The Mind-Sharing Committee creates a platform for exchanging skills and knowledge that complement our curriculum. It takes place in the form of talks, workshops, and panel discussions by students, local entrepreneurs, staff, and whoever can offer exciting insights or new perspectives. We called it the Mind-Sharing Committee because if we share our knowledge and skills, they expand and inspire new and creative ideas. Our board members are Zuzanna who is the Chair, Sam who is the Treasure, Judith who is the Secretary and Stella who is the PR Responsible.


PR committee:

The Public Relations (PR) Committee is dedicated to promoting NCF through various forms including social media, merchandise, newsletters and other forms of advertising throughout the University. We aim to ensure that everyone sees all the wonderful activities and events that our committees organise for the community, and hope to also attract potential new members through this.  also collecting memories and memorabilia for our members to be able to look back on in the future! This year’s board consists of Chair Johan, Secretary Barbara, Treasurer Lola and PR-representative Kavishya.


Debating Committee:

The debating committee will organize debates between the students about global and small-scale problems we face at Campus Fryslan. Next to debates among members, the idea is to invite guest speakers, experts or politicians to share their knowledge and have debates with them.


TO DO Committee:

How many times have you felt like a better understanding of data and technology could take YOUR interests to the next level? Or have you found yourself slowly becoming one with your laptop whilst wondering how you can contribute to yourself and society at the same time? The Technology Optimization and Data Observation Committee focus on engaging NCF members with topics related to IT and data. It might sound boring, but secretly we are the coolest committee of all. The TO DO committee looks at what NCF members would like to dive into, and together we will create events and workshops around these topics. Some of the crazy things students have already created are websites and drinking games. Upcoming events will be posted on the NCF Instagram page. Follow to stay tuned! 

The current board members are Naomi Waterman (Treasurer), Maya Nolles (Secretary), Tabio Romanski (Chair) and Quinten Harskamp (PR).


Check out our website here!



The objective of this committee is to contribute to connection between different groups in the region by means of the SDGs. The purpose is to feel empowered and use this empowerment for the better. You can find more information on our website, which is linked below.


CRIsim Committee:

The CRIsim. Committee consists of 22 ambitious participants, which present the organisation and the event management behind the CRIsim summit. The committee is represented by the board, which are Hannah Waldapfel (Chairperson), Floor van der Marck (Secretary), Lea Johanssen (PR representative) and Wybe van der Geest (Treasurer).

But what is CRIsim.?
CRIsim is a crisis simulation concept inspired by MUNs but reformed and refined to live up to current world issues. It is an interactive strategy game that creates the opportunity for people from all over the world to work together and develop skills to navigate real-life crises. The CRIsim committee wants to provide this great opportunity, in the form of a four-day event that will bring approximately 140 participants to Leeuwarden’s pioneering Campus Fryslân.

In order to make this happen our committee is divided into five sub-teams, which are Events and Logistics, Financing, Media and Marketing, External Outreach, and the Crisis Backroom.

Are you interested to know what CRIsim is all about? Or would you like to share your thoughts with us? Feel free to join the small group meetings or reach out to us via or via our social media platforms.
LinkedIn: CRIsim.
Instagram: @crisim.ucf


Support for International Students Committee:

The SIS, Supporting International Students committee, was founded to help international students to settle into a new country. There are a number of forms and applications to be taken care of such as registering to the municipality or applying for certain financial benefits. We help students with translating forms, advise on how to fill in forms and answer any questions students might have. Our goal is to help others by sharing our own experiences. 

The current board of the committee consists of Chairperson Mijke Smit, Treasurer Ilona Kauppila and PR representative and temporary secretary Titia Groenhof.


Craft Beer Committee:

Hello there! We are the Craft Beer Committee (CBC), and focus on everything around craft beers. From beer tastings and tours in breweries to brewing beer, we want to do it all! Currently, we are looking for new members, since there are currently only second years involved. We still have empty spots on our board, and we would love to fill them with new faces! Currently, we have Mike Berendsen, who is the chair of the committee, and as PR responsible, we have Annemieke Visser. The secretary and treasurer functions are currently still open. If you would like more information or want to become a member, don’t hesitate to shoot us a message!

Language and Culture Committee:

We are a committee about Languages and Cultures. Our aim is to make the most out of all the different nationalities and cultures that we have at UCF: we want to experience and exchange different traditions and have the opportunity to learn a new language with native speakers. The kinds of events that you can expect with us are cultural dinners (Asian or Eastern Europe for example), workshops, and language learning meet-ups. In these meet-ups little groups of people can learn different languages and teach theirs. We have an Instagram page where we introduce our members, share fun facts about languages and cultures, share recipes from particular cultures, and more!

H.U.M.M.U.S. (Humans United Mission Monitored Using Sustenance) Committee:

We believe that hummus is the cement of our community, the sustenance uniting us all. Additionally to sharing our love of Hummus, we want to organize all kinds of activities such as Hummus making sessions, sharing and creating new recipes (potentially NCF original hummus), sessions on how to pronounce hummus correctly, and way more exciting stuff you would not want to miss out on. Feel free to contact our board and become part of this peasfull community!

Our chair is Sebo Bernhard Touwen, external outreach are Iris Johanna Theadora Roelofs & Hannah Caitlin Dent Putterill, PR is Lea Ellena Johanssen, our secretary is Maret Micheline Sturms, our secretary general is Robbe Willem Stout and our treasurer is Sieb Enthoven.

Sports committee:

We do sports, as you could have imagined from the title of the committee. Sports is a very important part of our mental wellbeing, and we are here to better that! Our main goals are:

• To send teams representing our Campus to sports tournaments,
• To organize sports events for our students and staff,
• To unite our Campus!

Right now, the board consists of:

• Chair: Agris Zvirgzdiņš
• Vice-Chair/Secretary: Līna Putāne
• Chief Events Officer (CVO): Luca Morabito
• Chief Strategy Officer (CSO): Vasco de Sousa
• PR coordinator/ Treasurer: Jitske Fransens