NCF members are required to have an activated account on the NCF website in order to be officially admitted as a member. In addition, members are required to pay their membership fee in time to remain an NCF member. The membership fee is very important to any kind of association, as it makes up a big amount of its annual budget. NCF is no exception to this: it allows us to perform the general acts of a study association, such as hosting events for our members. Most events are free and member-exclusive. In case a fee is charged for an event, its sole purpose is to help fund the event. Some events will be open to non-members, who are almost always expected to pay a fee, which will always be larger than that of members (in case they are expected to pay a fee as well). It is therefore always in your interest to become a member!

Period Membership Fee
1 semester
(students graduating after 2025 and master’s students)
3 years
(students graduating after 2025 and master’s students)

The following file provides a step-by-step overview of how to register:


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