Join/create a committee

It is important to know that before joining or creating a committee at NCF you should be a registered member. You can become a registred member of NCF by registering at this website and fulfilling your first membership payment.

Join an already existing committee

Committees are not bound towards a similar application process as the NCF board, hence are much more free in this process. Each committee is free in their method of selection at any preferred time, hence decisions regarding members application for the committees lies within the responsibility of the respective committee. However, vacancies for board positions must be announced towards the NCF board. In addition, it is strongly encouraged for committees to change the board positions within the committee on a yearly basis.

For short, if you are interested in joining a committee you can contact the committee of your interest on their email adress, which can be found here for each committee.

Create your own committee

In order to create your own new committee you have to meet some requirements before becoming eligible as an official NCF committee. More information on how to exactly create your committee on a step by step basis can be found under important documents. In order to access this file you have to be a registered member of NCF and you should be operating from an activated account on this website.