Welcome to the RecomMonthly newsletter. We provide thought-provoking titles, engaging digest and useful, daily-life tips for the NCF community – each edition circling around a specific theme. Our content is tailored to our faculty’s interests but still remains diverse in content and platform – including podcasts, articles, videos, recipes and so on – so that everyone can find something interesting for themselves.

The first edition (01/2022: May): Food

The second edition (02/2022: June): News

The third edition (03/2022: September): Moving and borders

The fourth edition (04/2022: October): Middle East & North Africa (MENA)

The fifth edition (05/2022: November): Emotional Intelligence

The sixth edition (06/2022: December): Civil Society

The seventh edition (01/2023: January): Winter Blues

The eighth edition (02/2023: February):  What everyone should know but no one teaches you

The ninth edition (03/2023: March):  Love

The tenth edition (03/2023: April):  Energy