Fundraising race

The Sports Committee is collaborating with a group of first years in hosting a fundraising race for their Global Health campaign. The race will be interactive and participants can join in teams of up to 3 members. This event will also be educational, since prior to the race, an Instagram account will be created with educational posts on a healthy lifestyle to raise awareness on heart disease. Follow @heartrace.leeuwarden on Instagram! Then, during the race, there will be stops in which teams will have to solve small riddles or answer fun questions based on the information of the Instagram account. The winner of the race won’t only be the fastest team but also the team that gets the most questions and riddles right.

The event will take place in Groene Ster since it is a car free area surrounded by nature. We want the race to be about 3.24km. It would start at 11.00 and we have calculated that it will last until latest 13.00.

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